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My name is Salem.

I care about web performance, front-end infrastructure, and public transit. I was a founding engineer at Octane, and was previously a staff engineer on Etsy's Web Platform team. I put my good ideas on GitHub and my bad ideas on Twitter.
I planned and lead the effort to migrate Etsy's codebase to TypeScript. The project was a huge success, and taught me a lot about making large-scale changes without interrupting work. I wrote about the experience here.
I wrote a small server to make developing with Webpack in large codebases less painful. It is called Kevin and it powers the development environment at Etsy. I wrote about why Kevin exists and how it works for Etsy's Code as Craft blog.
I gave a talk on migrating Etsy to Webpack at JSConf 2019 and there's a video of it. There are some slides as well, if that's your thing. I shortened the talk and gave it again at QueensJS, which was a lot of fun.
I've made small contributions to a number of projects, including to Prettier and Webpack.
Sometimes I make music.